Bubyan accounts auditing performs the auditing works and presents financial counseling, designs accounting systems, presents tax and legal counseling as well as companies liquidating and arbitration in financial disputes.

Owner of Boubyan Auditing Office

Mr. Yahya Abdullah Al-Fodari (BSC. Accounting)

Member of Kuwait Association of Accountants and Auditors


He is an accredited arbitrator, an expert and receiver at the Ministry of Justice in the State of Kuwait and the Gulf Cooperation Council (accredited under No.83 class 1 1995). Registered adjuster and consultant at the GCC.

Legal Guardian at Ministry of Justice, Kuwait

Previous experience:

Professional Accounting and Auditing Course Training

ACPA NO: A4798

CPA NO: 42550

Registration: 83A - 11-6-1995

The office includes an integrated group of experts and professionals specialized in the fields of auditing, accounting, arbitration, financial counseling, judiciary sequestration, and tax and legal services.


Statutory Audit
Accounting Services
Financial Accounting
Regulatory Compliance
IT Services
Consulting Services
Financial Consulting
Company Establishment Services
Asset Valuation
Liquidation and Reorganizing
IFRS Readiness and Conversions
Finance and Treasury
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